This mural design was created for North Seattle College's ART 204 Mural Art Course with instruction from Kelda Martensen. The course guides students through the intricacies of designing, planning and and painting public art murals. Along with designing their own mural proposals, students work with and execute a design from a professional artist.
The NSC Art Council had a call for submissions for the 2023 campus mural, with a focus on the Latine community. My mural proposal was chosen and moved forward with.
I was inspired by by the migration journey so many people in the Latine community either experience or are affected by, and by its placement on the Opportunity Center building (described to me as where the college meets the community). The design I created was based in motifs from indigenous mythology and focused on creating a narrative on community support through change and transformation.
The students then began working to translate the design onto the wall during the 2023 Spring Quarter. I joined them throughout the course to paint and adjust elements when needed. It was completed and unveiled in June 2023.

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