The WWU ID senior class was tasked with envisioning and a family of products for the workplace of the future.
My role in this was to outline a narrative and story to lead a prospective viewer through the problems we found with the current system, our proposed products, and how those products worked together to create a cohesive space and solution.
This first illustration aimed to give an overview of the variety of workplaces that exist, and set the stage for a solution that took into account all of them.
Initial story boarding was concerned with justifying the products through the journey of the users engaging with each other through them.
The products in question were a communication lamp, a projector, a workplace app, and haptic tiles.
This product family was later elaborated on through a longer project proposal. The proposal book had a specific aesthetic which necessitated new illustrations that would be more appropriate for the book's minimalist approach.
Illustrations were then integrated into created renders of products and environments.

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